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Up for a magnificent winter surprise? Bigger, better, and more exciting this time: welcome to Enigma 2014: Evolution! Every year, the students of IBA Karachi come up with crazy themes and insane ideas to give you the most enjoyment-filled event to date with unique art filled experiences and crazy events ranging from sports and music to public speaking and media. All kinds of excitement and social events to die for is what Enigma is all about. This year’s theme? Yes, EVOLUTION!
Ever since we started Enigma for the first time in 2012, our objective has been to get your creative juices running and provide you with a chance to reveal your talent; be it art, singing, sports or anything else. For the past two years we have focused on providing our participants with an improved chance to do so, by first running OUR creative juices to the fullest to leave you with reverberating shocks of excitement, pleasure and satisfaction. This time there will be new and exciting events, all new program design and sheer craziness. It’s all about evolution. Refining the enigma experience to ensure you get to take home memories that last a lifetime.
So from this event, take back incredible experiences like never before. We welcome you to Enigma 2014 to freely flaunt your talents and win prizes.

EVENT DATES: 23rd to 26th Jan, 2014

The Karachi Experience

Karachi, call it the city of lights, the city of Jinnah, the city by the sea, or the city of extremes; by any name it is the largest city of Pakistan and home to a vast and diverse population. Originating from a small town, Karachi is now a huge, populous city. One of the many unique things you notice about Karachi is the fact that it hosts people from almost all ethnic backgrounds in Pakistan. On this note, we welcome you to experience the inclusive city of Karachi.
Karachi has diversity not just in its population composition but in architecture, scenic beauty, commercial venues, etc. On the southern end of Karachi you see the magnificent Arabian Sea and the famous ports, and in the north there are small hills. In Karachi you can find glamorous stone buildings courtesy of the British, vast shopping malls, cinemas, coffee shops and all other sorts of entertainment. For those who love food, Karachi has eating places both colloquial and international.
So go ahead and experience Karachi; the alluring shopping malls, the flourishing bazaars, the monuments, the Victorian-style buildings and the amazing eating places. Visit the vast beaches with stretches of sand, pale waters and gentle sea breeze, and truly live Karachi.

IBA Karachi

IBA Karachi is the oldest business school outside of North America and was established in 1955 with the support of the Wharton School of Finance. It has managed to uphold the high educational standards bestowed upon it. To this day, IBA is considered as one of the best business schools of Pakistan. With “Leadership and Ideas for Tomorrow” as its motto, expect Enigma 2014 to provide you nothing less than the best of adventure, excitement and learning merged together. Experience IBA Karachi like never before.

Our Team Meet the intellects behind Enigma

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Hina Naz Nagi


CEOs Address. Hina Naz Nagi

I have been involved with Enigma since its inception when there were around 40 people showing up for its management team meetings. I did not think that one day I will be in charge of these meetings and that too at a time when no less than 200 people show up to help organize this event.
From teamster (what we affectionately call our MT members) to CEO has been a journey I can’t really put into words too well. At Enigma, one rarely sticks to their job description; when its crunch time, everyone puts their heads down and works, we work to give you the once in a life time experience that Enigma is now known for.
This year has been no different. The teamsters from Enigma 1 are now heading Enigma 3; we have grown up, changed and evolved and so has Enigma. And this brings us to this year’s theme of Evolution. We are now taking the core value of enigma, namely: celebration of talent and diversity, to a whole new level. With Enigma 3, we aim to set the bar high for the competition quality, wow factor and the whole enigma experience in general.
Enigma started as a platform for displaying your talent. And with Enigma 3, we will be making sure that each participant gets the chance to explore, exceed and excel. You, the participants, will do what you do best, and we will do what we do best i.e. giving you 25 events, 4 crazy socials and memories that will last a life time.
All that is diverse, fun and truly exciting is synonymous with Enigma.
Hope to see you there !

Hina Naz Nagi
CEO, Enigma III

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Muzammil Hashmi

Managing Director

Enigma is about games, Enigma is about art, Enigma is about social events and fun. Enigma 2014 is not going to be any different, just better.
You’ve got talent that you can boast of here. You’ll get amazing quizzes and brain teasers to exercise your sharp minds. You’ll have the adrenaline rushing with the competitions and shots of fun at the social events. Most importantly, you’ll make memories you’ll never forget and friends you’ll always miss.
I’ve been attending Enigma since the inception in 2012. And I’ve loved it every time. And this year around, you are going to experience and enjoy it just as much. It’s a pleasure for me to welcome you all to Enigma 2014, an honor for me to stand here and invite you to enjoy to your heart’s content this once in a lifetime event. My team and I have worked off days and nights to make it up to our standards and up to yours. Hope to see you there!
Muzammil Hashmi
Managing Director, ENIGMA III

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Talha Farooqui

VP Contingency Team

There are two things that I know. One, Enigma is the most amazing event I've worked on, and Two, no one has had more photos taken than I have in the past two installments of this mega event.
Jokes apart, Enigma is an integral part of our lives, and after serving it for two years, I've now been charged with making sure that if anything goes wrong, there is a back up plan to follow through with. The sheer scale of Enigma makes this post both important and difficult. I hope to deliver to the best of my abilities to ensure that you, the participants, have a time worthy of the money you spend. Hope to see you all there. I'd be the guy in the crisp suit, and original Ray Bans glasses. Ciao

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Sohaib Siddiqui


Presidents Address. Sohaib Siddiqui

When I list down my favorite IBA memories, the one that stands out is the memory of me in my sophomore giving a speech to the freshmen of that time about the IBA Arts Society, and its concept of ENIGMA. Enigma, I told them, was to be an event unlike any other. It would be the one event that fed on diversity, wouldn't be exclusive, and would promote the ideals of self actualization, controlled chaos, and celebration of talent.
Fate had landed me in the role of the IBA Arts Society Manager that year, and destiny propelled those present during the meeting to take my words and actually create something from them. The result was 4 days of amazing competitions, unique social events, and a series of IBA "firsts".
This was two years ago. Today, the same kids who sat in that meeting are the ones heading Enigma. And I can not be more proud. The people involved with Enigma, the team and the participants, have created a legacy unto its own. A legacy of evolution, which is the theme for this year's Enigma, and a legacy of using the emblem of Enigma to create strong friendships and lasting memories.
The participants of Enigma are the most amazing people I've met. I still remember Asim Azhar's first performance at Enigma. Today, he is perhaps the most recognizable teen icon in Pakistan, and we are proud to say that he got his start from the canvas that we spread out for him. It's even more gratifying to see so many ex ENIGMA participants come back for ENIGMA II, and the sheer amount of ENIGMA participants enrolling at IBA after seeing the University atmosphere we created for them is the pinnacle of all we've achieved.
Enigma is your canvas to explore. To Excel. And to Exceed. And will continue to be so. Enigma was an unmitigated success, Enigma II became the first IBA Event to pull off the impossible task of combining breathtaking competitions with the 3 most spectacular social events. Our Overload cum Shehzad Roy Concert and our Bonfire+Dance+Dinner Beach party set the benchmarks for what social events should be.
FUN, this year, begins with ENIGMA. Hope to see you all there!

Sohaib S. Siddiqui
President ENIGMA III

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Nausherwan Khan


Two years ago, my love for adventure and excitement dragged me to Enigma 2012. This was my freshman year, the first time the IBA Arts Society had come up with the idea of hosting this event, and needless to say, it was a huge success. The games, sports, talent hunts and all really got us going. Not to forget the amazing friendships made there.
My fascination for Enigma didn’t end there. Enigma has been taking place annually since then, and today, I stand at the front to welcome you all here. The name this year, “evolution” itself reveals how I, with my team members and friends, have ensured in all ways that Enigma this time provides to you an even better time than the previous years.
Enigma is an opportunity for you to flaunt your talents and give face to the lighter side of you. Enjoy the contests, play hard at the games, and relax at the social events. We are all here to ensure you’ll have an amazing time.

Nausherwan Khan
Convener, ENIGMA III

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Ibrahim Gillan

Head of Recruitments

Two years ago, I was this excited freshman, bubbling to attend the first time Enigma took place, in 2012. What I experienced was sufficient to put me in awe of the students, my seniors, who had managed to put together such a huge event with such care and effort. Enigma, for the first time, was a huge success. The participants left satisfied, elated and reminiscent of the wonderful events.
Two years down the road, I stand in the same position as those seniors. I know it to be my responsibility to give Enigma my best shot, not just to you, who are here to participate, but to the students who created the event, and would want me uphold the high standards they set. For this, I have created the best possible team, with my enthusiastic team members who have persevered throughout for the success of Enigma. These people have worked with me with their hearts and souls for it all: from the smallest details to the most major arrangements. All this, dear participants, has been to provide you with the best time of your lives, give you the opportunity for enjoyment and growth you deserve, and elevate Enigma to the levels where it could be no better. For this very reason we call this event Enigma: Evolution; evolving better and brighter each year. Come on and experience it for yourself; experience the magic, the thrill, the ENIGMA of it all.

Ibrahim Gillani
Head of Recruitment

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Enigma 3- Event details

Enigma 2.0 Social Events Recap

Without a shadow of doubt, Enigma socials took every ones breath away. After a long and tiring day full of competitions and events, Enigma provided some incredible socials which formed memories that will last a lifetime. When Shehzad Roy rocked the stage with his vocals, everybody raised with their hands high up in the air and the excitement was palpable. He came up with one of the most popular hits and when he sang Bryan Adams’s classic hit “Summer of 69”, the whole crowd jumped and shook with passion and delight. Before the performance of Shezad Roy, people were swayed by the ever-enjoyable musical chunks of “Overload”; the crowd relished the Indian classics with Sufi folk beats. It was a night to remember and concert was executed perfectly.
The Beach Party was yet another jewel in the crown. The usual salty breeze gave the participants a chance to kick up their heels and relax after a long day of competing. People enjoyed themselves to the fullest degree by having fun in the sun, lounging in the sand and cooling off at the shoreline. As the picturesque sunset passed and the bright night sky hovered above, there was music and dance all around. A classic beach party with all the elements that make up one hell of a social event.
Our third social event was the Avari Towers Hotel Dance Party. With the deck chairs and the sparkling swimming pool, the scene was set for an epic dance party. Nuts and Bolts hit the floor of Avari with a big bang that blew everyone away. The scrumptious chocolate mousse formed the icing on the cake along with the popcorn …and the drinks and…. and the pure awesomeness!
All in all, Enigma’s Social events are structured with a clear goal of providing all the participants a chance to chill and let loose in order to have a good time after the learning part they had during the day.
Hence give no second thoughts to Enigma because it takes you away from all the everyday happenings of life and helps you explore your cravings for something really close to your heart and enables you to enjoy almost every imaginable fun thing under the sun along with eye-catching activities. We plan on making Enigma 3 socials bigger and better this year. Look no further if you want to have a real good time.

Our Location

    Main Campus

  • University Enclave,
  • University Road, Karachi - 75270
  • Pakistan
  • Message us on facebook
  • Mail us here
  • Or contact any one of us if you have any queries
    Muzammil Hashmi. Managing Director: 03327114190
    Nausherwan Khan. Convener: 03457300077
    Zubair Mushtaq. Director Registrations: 03477911179


Registration Details and Guide lines

All participants must register themselves as part of a delegation either from their School or as a Private delegation. Single participants must also register themselves as a 1-man delegation.

The delegation fee is:
  • 2000 for a team of less than 12 participants
  • 3000 for a team of 12 or more than 12 participants.
This fee is per delegation not per participant. Maximum size of a delegation is 30 members.

Event fee is:
  • Participating in one event : 1500 per participant
  • Participating in two events: 2500 combined for two events per participant

Social Event fee is:
  • Early Bird Discount ( Buying event ticket before Dec 25th ): 2400 for 3 socials
  • Ticket Fee before event starts: 3000 for 3 socials
Ticket fee during the event: 1200 per event

There are 4 social events. The first one is free for all Enigma Participants.
Note: Only Enigma Participants are allowed to buy tickets for the Social Events.
The following events have a flat team rate and have no delegation fee:
  • Cricket: Rs 8000 for minimum 12 member team.
  • Futsal: Rs 6000 for a minimum 8 member team
  • Throw ball: Rs 6000 for a minimum 8 member team
  • Basketball: Rs 5000 for a minimum 7 member team
  • Counterstrike: Rs 5000 for a minimum 6 member team
  • Table Tennis: 3000 for minimum 3 members
  • Badminton: 1500 per participant
  • Tennis: 1500 per participant
  • Vignette: Rs 5000 for minimum 6 member team.

Any additional members in the team will be added at the rate of Rs 1000 per member.

* for other sports and games, namely Minute to Win it and Fifa 14', normal Enigma cost structure will be observed.

Enigma and the IBA Arts Society are not liable to provide any refunds for any reason whatsoever.